Grant Writing & Management

Bright-Line brings 4+ decades of experience in application proposals, budgeting, grant acceptance, periodic financial and programmatic reporting, and closeout of both State and Federal grants across multiple forensic science disciplines.

Process Improvement

Partnering with your experts we bring the experience from having worked with over 200 laboratories to examine processes and develop action plans yielding higher efficacy in your operations.

Corrective Action & Troubleshooting

Our extensive quality assurance and auditing background have prepared Bright-Line to perform systems failure analysis to determine nonconformance root causes and recommend appropriate corrective and preventive actions.


Case File Review

When staffing levels in your laboratory do not allow for rapid reporting of results or uploading DNA profiles into your databases, our experts will partner with your staff to increase laboratory efficiency.

Trial Preparation

Attorneys representing the plaintiff or the defendant, in either criminal or civil proceedings, can rely on unbiased assessments of scientific findings while preparing for trial or entering into a plea agreements or settlements.

Management Review

An outside eye that combines managerial and scientific experience is invaluable before or after an issue arises.  Let our experts partner with your senior staff to examine your management and quality systems to identify potential gaps and tailor solutions that allow your team to maintain stakeholder confidence.