Customized Training

DNA Mixture Interpretation and Statistical EvaluationThe training teaches the principles and practices behind DNA mixture interpretation with a focus on hands-on approaches for both quantitative and qualitative mixture deconvolution.  All 2010 SWGDAM DNA Mixture Interpretation Guidelines approaches are covered to include analytical and stochastic thresholds, heterozygous peak balance, percent contribution to assess mixture proportions, and stutter considerations.

Laboratory Auditing - Choose the Standards* your laboratory wishes to meet and tailor the workshop to your needs, to include one or more of: 

​​           1 - Understanding the criteria of the standards

           2 - Mock audit of your lab by your staff, led by our experts

           3 - Root cause analysis

​           4 - Corrective action selection, planning, and follow-up

​      * DNA Quality Assurance Standards, ISO/IEC 17025 and others